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My Nikon broke today.

Everything sucks.
1. Chances are I won't be updating this anymore.  

2. I'm attending McNally Smith College of Music for music business in the fall (officially transfered from Winona State University).

3. I've been working with a lot of bands for pictures and shitt. Most of my pictures won't be posted on here, Facebook, or anywhere other than for the band.

If you want to see what I'm up to, check out
It's not my personal blog, but meh. A picture or two of mine might show up.
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A late happy New Year to everyone!

My second semester of college has just started. On the list of classes: accounting, microeconomics, research writing, chemistry appreciation, philosophy of art, and the history of The Beatles. I'm very excited for most of these (especially the last one!). This semester also comes with less distractions than last year.

This is a new year.

I know everyone swears to change during this time of change. I'm not doing that. I'm not changing myself, I'm simply going for the things that I always wanted to follow.

The first big one: I had the chance to tour McNally Smith College of Music over break. For those of you who know my pretty well, you should know that this is a huge deal for me. I will be applying for the Fall semester. I knew I would be transferring from Winona State, but I recently made the decision that I actually want to follow what makes me happy: music. I'm hoping to get into their music business program. I had other suggestions such as U of M Duluth. I have a bunch of friends up there, but I turned it down for many reasons (none of which have anything to do with other people who plan on going there). Also on the list were St. Benedict, North Hennepin, and Moorhead.

Second: Winter break was really eye-opening for me. I had a couple bad days (family, seeing certain people while I was working, some drama), but I got to see the people I really wanted to talk to. During the rough periods, I found the people that were always going to stick by my side.

Third: I have something. It's not quite a relationship, but it's not quite a friendship. All I know is that I have someone that I am close to that supports where I'm going in my life. It's much less of a mess than my last "whatever the hell it was". That's my biggest resolution: to forget that that entire situation happened. It was possibly the most painful and stressful part of my life. However, it taught me to follow my heart and not the pretty words that people use to cover up their true feelings. All I can say is that I wish them the best.

Fourth: I'm playing a big part in booking bands right now.

Agh. If you feel like chatting about any of this, send me a message. I have to go to class!
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I finished my first semester of college! I've been at home on winter break since the 9th. I've gone to a couple shows (Doomtree Blowout & Popsickle) and seen some sweet bands (Check out Take Cover's album "The Last Word" if you can. The entire album is how I currently feel about certain situations). Today, I headed into the high school and gave my college update to my old teacher/savior class (to a certain person - we planned it out so I showed up while you weren't there. I figured I'd save everyone from that awkward situation).

I have a few more shows to go to before I go back. I'm taking pictures for one of them. Also, I was asked to do a photo shoot in the cities with a girl I know. It's not much, but it's something. Next week is completely booked for me between my actual job, shows, and hopefully getting out to my brother's house.

I hope your holidays go well! If you're in MN, I hope you're getting through all this snow!
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